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Meet your internal and industry requirements

Powerful tooling and controls to design a review workflow that accomodates the needs of your company.

Multi-phase review →

Reviewers are assigned when the work is ready and relevant.

Custom requirements →

Define how many approvals are required, from who, and when.

Approval specificity →

Designate what is being reviewed and why.

Make it easy on your developers

Automated workflows and rules-based review assignment take the mental burden off of your developers. They do their work, and PullApprove takes care of managing the process and notifiying people.

Pull request comment from PullApprove

Your review process, documented and versioned

Written in familiar YAML, your review workflows and rules will be clearly documented in one place and version controlled. Use templates to easily share common configurations across your organization.

Example .pullapprove.yml review configuration in GitHub

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