PullApprove v4 beta

Pull request compliancefor ever-evolving organizations

Manage pull requests across your company with review phases, emergency review bypass, code review assignment rules, CLAs, and flexible reporting.

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Not ready to connect an organization? You can still use the personal dashboard and Mac app by yourself!

Pull request dashboard for GitHub organizations

Trusted by over 500 organizations on millions of pull requests

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Tools that managers need

Flexible low-code solutions give you the best of both worlds.

Review phases

Pull requests flow through a customizable set of steps, keeping the author informed and automatically bringing in reviewers when they're needed.

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Pull request code review and compliance phases

Emergency bypass and post-merge review

A formal process for skipping review that optionally requires follow-up.

Bypassed PRs are flagged for a post-merge review ensuring that all compliance needs are met.

Emergency bypass for pull requests that need to skip code review

Scheduled reports

Keep tabs on GitHub activity with fully-customizable reporting delivered to email or Slack.

Emailed reports of GitHub activity

Audit reporting

Ease the auditing process with self-updating reports and CSV exporting.

Audit reporting for pull request compliance

Clarity that contributors want

A way of working where people always know what's next.

Clear next steps

Leverage notifications to give PR authors explicit direction directly in GitHub.

GitHub comments that tell pull request authors what the next steps are

Mac app

Keep pending reviews front-of-mind with a simple status bar app for macOS.

A macOS status bar app for GitHub pull requests

Personal dashboard

A self-updating to-do list that doesn't require wading through a flood of notifications.

Pull requests in a personal dashboard showing what to do

Connect your GitHub organization in a "dry-run" mode to see how it can work before changing anyones workflow.

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