A better code review process, at scale.

Regulations, compliance, and the integrity of your code are important. But so is the developer experience.

PullApprove supports organization-wide requirements and workflows for managing pull requests from open to merged. Your process gets codified and automated, providing clarity and efficiency for authors and reviewers.

PullApprove approving pull requests into GitHub

Minimize waiting time

Distinct steps in your workflow provide clear instruction and expectations, without the need to ask for it.

Top-down configuration

Rules and requirements can be applied across your organization, using low-code filters to match pull requests.

"Break glass", formalized

Formalized post-merge approvals ensure that every PR gets reviewed eventually, even in emergencies.

Monitor progress

Basic metrics give you insight into how process changes impact your team.

Pull request dashboard for GitHub organizations

Ready for a better workflow?

PullApprove starts in a read-only mode where you can see how it would work for your company. Anyone with permission to install the GitHub App can give it a try, and you can always uninstall it if you don't like it.