Writing code is half the battle. Getting it merged is the other two-thirds.

Just because your company has requirements for approving PRs (compliance, security, yada yada), doesn't mean the process has to be a chore.

PullApprove brings speed and clarity to pull requests in regulated and compliance-driven companies. A sprinkle of automation can help get your PRs merged faster and with fewer tedious steps.

PullApprove approving pull requests into GitHub

Always know what's next

Authors and reviewers are guided through the PR workflow. Clear steps show where you're at and bot comments can provide literal instruction.

Timely review requests

Because your PR goes through distinct steps, reviewers can be requested exactly when they're needed.

Ensures you're meeting compliance

Requirements are in place for a reason, and PullApprove removes any doubt that you're meeting them. If the PR is "green", then you know you've done your job.

Keeps your PRs moving

Use anonymous and auto-nudges to prevent PRs from getting forgotten.

Pull request dashboard for GitHub organizations

Ready for a better workflow?

PullApprove starts in a read-only mode where you can see how it would work for your company. Anyone with permission to install the GitHub App can give it a try, and you can always uninstall it if you don't like it.